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The aging process is natural but can be delayed. As you get older your oxygen capacity declines, body fat increases, your hormone levels decrease, muscles become weaker and bone mass drops. With the right exercise program combined with the right nutrition you can delay or minimize these changes so your quality of life is not affected.

With the right analysis and low tech back to basics training a program of strength, flexibility, joint mobility and cardio vascular training can help delay the aging process.

The Analysis

I will asses your joint mobility, posture, muscular balance and flexibility. If any significant issues are detected you will be referred to the appropriate therapist. For the serious athlete our electronic training equipment will determine your strength, striking power and reaction time. Monitoring your progress on an ongoing basis shows the improvement in all aspects or your fitness.

The Training

Depending on your objectives, e.g. fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, speed, power, strength, flexibility or joint mobility, I can prepare a program to suit anyone at any level of fitness.

The Tools

From the analysis’ results, we design a specific program for you using ‘back to basics’ exercise tools such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, clubbells, cables, power bags,  weighted bars,  sledgehammers, TRX, swiss balls, medicine balls, pull up bars, gymnastic rings, body weight and static contraction.
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