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ISSA -Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning

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Whether your goal is to improve your overall fitness, gain strength, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better, my personal training programs are the best way to get there. You will benefit from the expertise, accountability, and motivation that comes with having your own coach. In addition to targeted workouts, my training programs also include fitness testing, progress monitoring and advice on nutrition.

How does it work?

Personal Training starts with an initial discussion of your training background, goals, nutrition, past and current injuries, any medication you may be taking and lifestyle. You will undergo an assessment which will involve a fitness test, flexibility levels, posture analysis, strength and joint mobility. We will also measure your body fat % and your body weight. I will then build a plan that’s specific to you and your goals.

The training

Depending on your objectives, e.g. fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, I can prepare a program to suit anyone at any level of fitness. You'll train in a fully equipped private studio utilising a variety of exercise equipment. Sessions will involve cardio, strength, and functional training. Personal Training sessions are scheduled at your convenience and take place in my private studio in Cherrybrook, Sydney.

The results

We will work together to achieve the results you want. Your weight and body fat will be reduced and you will feel the difference in your energy levels, stress and overall mood.

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Hi, my name is George and I am the head trainer at M.A. Training Sydney, Cherrybrook.  

With more than two decades of experience in the fitness industry, my expertise is backed by globally recognized certifications, including the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC), and the prestigious Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) from the International Sports Science Association, USA.

At M.A. Training, I am not just your trainer but your wellness partner. My primary goal transcends beyond the typical repetitions and sets, it's all about your holistic health. We approach fitness not as an end goal, but as a journey to health. Together, we will exercise for the promotion of your wellbeing, and in the process, you'll naturally become fit and strong. Trust in me to help transform your fitness journey into a lifestyle of strength and vitality.

The Training

Depending on your objectives, e.g. fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, speed, power, strength, flexibility or joint mobility, I can prepare a program to suit anyone at any level of fitness.

George exercising with weights
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Tired of trying to lose fat on your own? 
This can be a frustrating process without the right guidance. You can exercise daily, get stronger and put on muscle but you will not actually see the results unless both your diet and exercise are geared towards burning fat!


If you want to build a strong, athletic, muscular body, then I can help transform your physique. My strength and conditioning programs will help you develop the same kind of ‘fighter’s physique’ as the pros, while also learning to enjoy the challenge and feeling of working out.


The foundation of every athlete is physical preparedness. If your foundation is poor, it won’t matter how technically brilliant or mentally tough you are. You will struggle to beat your opponent if they are stronger, faster and have more endurance. No matter what sport you are engaged in, I can design a program to make you a better athlete.



" George trains both my son and myself. He knows his stuff and is enthusiastic about health, fitness and life in general. I am really impressed with his attention to detail for each of us and his constant modifying of our programs to suit where we are both at and what we need."

Craig Bennet

Dural, Sydney

"One of the best! If you want personal, focused training, I would highly recommend George – no matter how old, sex, or what state of health you are in.."

Julian White

Castle Hill, Sydney

"Before I started training with George, I felt overweight, at least 15 years older than I am and generally a physical mess!! Six weeks later I have a renewed energy for life, instead of my body feeling 15 years older than it was, I feel 10 years younger, lost 3 kilos and 3cm off the waist to boot, and this is only the beginning!"

Brian Carter

Cherryrbook, Sydney

"George’s holistic approach to fitness – using kettlebells, clubbells and other various exercises as well as diet was just what I needed. My wife has also joined me in training with George and both of us have noticed massive increases in strength and fitness and I have lost just over 5 kilos in under 2 months. My punching, kicking and grappling has improved in leaps and bounds."


Condell Park, Sydney Australia

"George makes it his mission to know exactly how my body works and what exercises are best for me he knows just how far my body can be pushed without going over the limit. His focus is on creating results there is no room to waste time. I am fully engaged throughout the 60 minutes. So I get a good workout."


Cherrybrook, Sydney

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I offer a free trial session and you’ll also get a comprehensive fitness assessment where I’ll look at your current strengths, weaknesses, endurance and flexibility. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle habits and see how we can make sure you get the best results not just for your fitness, but for your overall health.

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