Brilliant Personal Trainer – train with him!

By AC / Condell Park, Sydney Australia

I have been practicing martial arts for close to 20 years and my fitness and strength were not where I wanted them to be. I’ve never been much into weights. So, my instructor recommended that I try Kettlebells. He suggested that I find an RKC under Pavel.  A quick visit to the Dragondoor site and I found George. What a find! Not only did I stumble across a training implement that has so many benefits (for both martial arts and general wellbeing) but I also found someone I think is the best personal trainer out there.

George’s holistic approach to fitness – using kettlebells, clubbells and other various exercises as well as diet was just what I needed. My wife has also joined me in training with George and both of us have noticed massive increases in strength and fitness and I have lost just over 5 kilos in under 2 months. My punching, kicking and grappling has improved in leaps and bounds.

A few of my training partners have asked about my improved performance and my answer is always the same Kettlebells and George Hynec!!!!!!

What we really enjoy is the personal attention and custom made program that has a wide variety of exercises. Add to that the fact that George makes the workouts fun. George’s technical knowledge is far superior to any other trainer I’ve come across and the fact that he is a martial artist meant he knew what I needed. To say that he knows his stuff is an understatement!!!

We’ve found George to be knowledgeable, engaging, motivating, supportive, understanding, considerate, technical, experienced and humble – all the qualities a trainer and teacher should have and much much more. He will actually design a custom made program for you to meet your goals and help you meet them.

I highly recommend that you use kettlebells as they are a brilliant tool.  But more than that I highly recommend George. Fast Results and Smart Training

Fast Results and Smart Training 

By Chris F / West Pennant Hills, Sydney

I’ve only been training with George for 5 months but have used personal trainers twice before and have checked out numerous others. George is easily the smartest trainer I’ve come across. Trainers as motivating and passionate as George often cause me to do too much and I end up injured. The results have been so fast with George and his knowledge so extensive that I’ve learned to vary the intensity of my own workouts and have been able to train continuously for every week of the 5 months. He explains everything logically and from his own experience, always leading by example. He’s imaginative and entertaining in that he will always throw a curve into the routine. I’m hooked.

I have discovered a secret! His name is George Hynec

By Kurt Colpan – Director of Assertive Action Krav Maga Self Defence Sydney, Australia

It all started at the end of October 2008: I was sparring my brother and I’d hit him with a beautiful palm strike to the jaw, he took it and growled and went for a takedown. I sprawled and he intuitively knew it was coming so instead he moved upwards on an angle and pinned me against the ropes. I remember that moment, feeling his power and thinking DAMN I wish I had that strength. I always looked up to my brother as strength is his forte, he is like a walking gorilla.

A few days later my friend Jeremy started telling me about kettlebells and how they could really help me with my strength. So I thought I would give it a go, I found a qualified kettlebell instructor named George Hynec Thank God!

I first met George on November 23 last year. For a man past the halfway mark, George looks great and when he told me his age I didn’t believe him. I remember thinking, I want to be just like him when I’m his age – he seemed like such a hope for me. I found him to be very humble and he listened to everything I had to say. He then took my body fat levels and we found them to be 28.5%.

I never really thought of myself as fat back then, I just thought I was a bit round as I loved to eat. George on the other hand told me that some people would say I was obese and I was on the road to heart disease, cancer or diabetes. I was quite shocked! For the next 3 to 4 months the word OBESE rang in my head and drove me to the point of exhaustion.

George taught me all about kettlebells and then taught me a hell of a lot of other things about health and fitness. First things first though, I concentrated on learning how to use a kettlebell the way he taught me, I would practice a few days a week and train a few days a week or more following his program. I changed my eating habits to what he advised and I still maintain those habits now with pleasure.

I remember starting with an 8 kilogram kettlebell. At the time it was quite heavy for me but in a short time I was on a 12, then a 16 and more recently a 20. My first goal of getting stronger was achieved. I could feel it grow in training and also in regular day life. Lifting and doing everyday things became easier. And grappling became more fun because I started tapping into this unbelievable strength I’ve always wished for.

My body changed and within 3 months I got down to around 15% body fat. I became leaner and more athletic. People began to comment on how athletic I have become and still do to this day. My body is completely different from the way it used to be, I now look like a lean, mean fighting machine.

I started when I was 29 and at the time started feeling like I was getting old or something. I had aches and pains that have now completely disappeared. I had back and hip flexor injuries that have evaporated into dust. I recently turned 30 and nobody believes my age it’s almost as though all the training and lifestyle habits I’ve taken up have actually reversed my age. Women 10 years younger than me are smiling at me when I walk past. I am truly amazed at what I have achieved.

Over time George started introducing me to some of his other training methods including flexibility training. My kicks have gotten so much better as a result not to mention my overall ability to move with grace.

George emails me often with cool articles about health and fitness. He’s always supportive and answers every question I have. The guy is a living and breathing encyclopedia of health and fitness! He is more passionate about what he does than anybody I have seen.

I could rant on so much more, and trust me I want to. There are so many other benefits that have come with this journey that I could mention. But perhaps you should find out for yourself! If you’re close to George and serious about health and fitness, then go and see him. I am living proof that his methods and teaching work!

Thank you George

Assertive Action
Krav Maga Self Defence, Fitness & Lifestyle Training
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A Priceless Life experience worth having…

I have been training with George for around 18 months now. When I started my program the consultation session left me with one impression…this guy knows what he is doing!

Forget the gym. Forget the useless gym machines!

After completing an assessment of my weight etc George Advised me that I was overweight for my height; I lacked flexibility and had a great deal of room for improvement. Not easy feedback to accept but being an ‘average’ Karate practitioner I was used to constantly finding areas where I need to improve.  My first lesson was a wake up call for me, co ordination and kicking skill as well as my ‘punch strike’ & blocking responsiveness speed were too slow. My core strength not up to par….wow quite a wake up call.

So my journey began, with specific focus areas being addressed. Week after week (and day after day of home practice with Metcons & the like I practiced at home with a set of acquired kettlebells which George ordered for me) I persevered.

After 6 months my Karate colleagues started telling me that my abs are getting hard as steel, my striking is improving & my weight is dropping. During Kumite sessions (sparring) I’m no longer in retreat from a more experienced opponent (or bigger opponent!) I’m actually driving forward on the attack with renewed energy & confidence.

Then comes the bigger change in my appearance, my metabolism starts to change and for the first time in +10 years my weight falls by 17 kg, mostly fat disappears from my mid rif with significant reductions in body fat %.

I’m now aiming for the 1000 swing challenge, I’ve learnt more about my physiology, my mental levers, nutrition, supplementation & too many subjects to mention since being coached by George.

George applies a scientific approach to physical & mental conditioning I have not experienced ever, not in any gym & not from any Karate instruction!!!!!

George Hynec Sensei knows his stuff, teaches you the right thing which will help you conquer your demons, & realize your full mental & physical potential.

This is a priceless pool of knowledge, thanks George for helping me to get to where I am at now (still with loads of room for improvement).




10/10 No question – George is a great trainer

By Peter D / Castle Hill, Sydney

I am on a journey to my black belt in karate and at the same time am plunging towards that terrible 50th birthday …. I didn’t feel much like a martial artist – sure I was making it through but as the standard requirements increase I felt I was beginning to fall behind. My fitness and weight being one side of the issue but chronic knee and spinal issues from years of high impact damage were really a problem.

So I started searching for a solution as they say and sure diet and exercise were the only options but given I trained 3 to 4 times per week already, I needed to look at something different – the gym didn’t help and the PT’s there knew less than I did – or seemed to… sorry guys !

Can’t remember if I found out about kettle bells first or saw George’s site .. but what ever it was, I studied it and him for about 3 months before contacting him…. So a few months down the track and how happy am I ?

I’ve toned and lost weight – sure not the core goal but a great side effect – what I wanted was fitness and most importantly speed and power in my karate. George is an exceptional martial artist to boot so he understands exactly the things I am training for and the movement, strength and flexibility I need. His speed and power are awesome (I still cant beat his block speed – but I am beating some of my training partners – they comment a lot so things must be working..)

The kettle bells are a really good tool for the martial artist but without the exceptional direction I get from George, it wouldn’t be as effective. There are so many different exercises that he leads me through that concentrate on differnt parts of my technique, fitness, speed, power etc.

And to add to this, George has been able to work wonders with my knees – through exercise as well as through many more life changing aspects – he has the total fitness solution – mind, body, nutrition and importantly motivation.

He lives the kettle bell, martial arts and nutrition guidance that he gives me.

So, if you are a martial artist – at any level, kettle bells can help but in the hands of someone with George’s experience and knowledge, then kettle bells will give a spectacular edge to your ability – both in training generally, as well as in that next kumite match …. not to mention streetwise….

Lately, we are including not only Kettle Bell but also Martial Arts technique as well – the speed punch is awesome. Come try it karateka !!

The Ultimate Personal Trainer!

By Sharna / Cherrybrook, Sydney

What I have experienced and benefited from working with George:

He takes a holistic approach to personal training:- combining core muscle training, functional training, aerobic and strength training.

George makes it his mission to know exactly how my body works and what exercises are best for me he knows just how far my body can be pushed without going over the limit. His focus is on creating results there is no room to waste time. I am fully engaged throughout the 60 minutes. So I get a good workout.

My workout routine changes all the time, which keeps me from getting bored while improving overall body fitness. George keeps challenging me so that I don’t become complacent. One day I could be using Kettlebells or boxing then doing static contractions. He keeps me alert and focused.

He gives me direction while I am doing the exercise. George will demonstrate the right technique, how to breath and how to move when doing an exercise. He constantly correcting any slip-up in form or function he sees. “Don’t arch your back! …Head up!…. Breath!”. This I realise is to help avoid any physical injury. He won’t let me continue doing the exercise if there is any discomfort. He has genuine concern for my well being.

Results/ Benefits I have from training with George:

Improved Physique. I’m noticing the appearance of some muscle definition and a reduction in body fat. Improved posture: I feel confident, present and grounded.People I have not seen for a while remark on how I have changed and look good. Energised. I feel alive and full of energy throughout the busy day and don’t feel tired at night. My outlook on live is positive. I am able to handle day to day stresses. My eating habits have changed to eating the right foods at the right times. I’m much stronger. I am lifting 20% more weight. And I am working my way to doing pull- ups, something I once imagined to be impossible!

In all, George is well worth the money and probably the best investment I’ve made. He offers a diverse and wide range of workouts that are specifically suited to my goals and abilities. I would highly recommend him to any one looking for that ‘something extra’ to help them reach all their fitness goals.

A great trainer

By Vidura / Sydney, Australia

I believe that if you looked up the words “fitness”, “kettlebells” or “nutrition” on a dictionary, there should be a praiseworthy reference somewhere to George Hynec. He is a wealth of knowledge on all three aforesaid topics and I am thankful that I chose him as my personal trainer.

But the reason that I’m recommending George to you is not only because of his knowledge on those topics, but of the other qualities he possesses, which to me, makes him a giant amongst the other trainers.

He “listens”, “understands”, “motivates” and “encourages” you all the time. The goals which you set out for yourself in the first lesson can be easily achieved due these traits. If you follow exactly what George tells you, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals as I am.

I told George on my first lesson that my main goals were to: (1) loose a bit of weight and (2) get stronger.

(1) George worked out a healthy diet for me and within the first month of following the diet he set out for me, I lost 4 kilos.

(2) I remember that I couldn’t even do a floor press with a pair of 8 kilo kettlebells on the first couple of weeks with George. But now, after three months of various exercise routines that George worked out for me to improve my strength, I can proudly say that I can press a pair of 20 kilo kettlebells 🙂

If you’re thinking about loosing a bit of weight, getting a bit stronger or building some muscle, I would highly recommend you contact George Hynec.

Thanks George for all your help.

A Rare Trainer, An Entertainer

By Jules Nagy / Castle Hill, Sydney

George Hynec is the type of trainer that comes along very rarely. He makes a hard workout fun. By hard, I mean that he makes it clear that if you want results you need to work at it. If you are doing squats, punching a bag or swinging a kettle bell, he will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong or right. Encouragement is a key part of George’s program, but so is a good laugh. Never short of a quick quip or an anecdote, George gets his message across clearly, and always with a smile. Never a dull moment in a training session with this guy, and it’s this and all of the above that make everyone look forward to a training night with George.

 More than just a trainer

By Nicole / Castle Hill, Sydney

It would be difficult to find someone that is more passionate than George on health and fitness. George has tailored fitness programs which are easy for any person to follow. When you follow it, you see results and it’s fun! Having very little upper body strength, I was apprehensive to use the kettlebells intially. After time, I was able to use the 8kg with ease including completing the 10 minute challenge to do the most kettle bell swings. I would recommend George to anyone as a trainer (and have!) and he’s more than that. He is very supportive and encouraging in your training including combining this with diet recommendations to get even better results.

 A breath of fresh air in the world of fitness

By Brian Carter / Cherrybrook, Sydney

Before I started training with George, I felt overweight, at least 15 years older than I am and generally a physical mess!! I had gone through the usual routine of gimmick diets and the local gyms – paying out plenty of money with minimal success. One day I decided I had enough, and researched people in my local area who could help me. George Hynec’s name kept cropping up, so I rang him to set up a meeting. The best move I have made in relation to my health in a very long time. George was not one of those trainers you come across, who will throw you a program and let you loose. His approach is a totally holistic view of a person’s health, his first concern was to make sure my health was right before commencing any serious training – basically building the platform for what was to follow. This was an approach I had never come across before (a breath of fresh air).
Six weeks later I have a renewed energy for life, instead of my body feeling 15 years older than it was, I feel 10 years younger, lost 3 kilos and 3cm off the waist to boot, and this is only the beginning!

One of the best

By Julian White / Castle Hill, Sydney

I came across George around October 2007 – it is now March 2009. I didn’t really want to join a Gym and was looking for one on one personl,quality training. George had these strange things called Kettle Bells, which at first looked easy, but I soon found out they are anything but easy! He combines Kettle Bells, with conventional weights that gives you a true body work over along with some martial arts training.

I had to do a stress test and medical check up with a specialist for a life insurance increase in my premiums. After completing the test, the Doctor compared my tests with the results from 12 months ago and said “whatever your trainer is doing, tell him to keep doing it”.

I guess this confirmed what I thought – the results I achieved with George were fantatsic, and now confirmed by a specialist.

If you want personal, focused training, I would highly recommend George – no matter how old, sex, or what state of health you are in.

By george he’s good

By Craig Bennett / Dural, Sydney

George trains both my son (12) and myself , he knows his stuff and is enthusiastic about health, fitness and life in general. I am really impressed with his attention to detail for each of us and his constant modifying of our programs to suit where we are both at and what we need. If you want to work with a guy who has the knowledge, passion and is there to help you get the results you are looking for George is your man.

Fantastic Trainer

By Dana Dyer / Kellyville,Sydney
I think George Hynec is a great trainer. He knows his subject material thoroughly and is highly enthusiastic about it. He takes each person’s skill level, abilities and physical restrictions into account and trains accordingly. He is encouraging and driven, also urging his participants to look at their health and fitness from an all-encompassing perspective, taking into account their diet and lifestyle as well as fitness. I would highly recommend George Hynec as a trainer.

From one RKC to another

By John Dean RKC, Hong Kong April 2006

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to thank my good friend and Comrade, George Hynec, for the help and support he has given me in the three years that we’ve known each other and to tell all of you out there just how valuable George’s guidance has been to me.

George and I met in June 2003 when we took our Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certification together/ Since then we’ve been in regular e-contact and I’ve become increasingly impressed by the breadth and depth of George’s knowledge of the world of sports, training, rehabilitation, and all the things – such as nutrition – that go with that. This means that he is in a position to provide a unique package of advice on exercise, diet, and training techniques (for example, for martial artists), specially tailored to your personal needs. So whether you’re a martial artist preparing for a grading or a tournament, or overweight and want to get control of your body back, or – like me – an ironhead training for recertification, George can provide you with highly specific personal programmes and the guidance that you need. To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little about what George did for me. Us RKCs are supposed to recertify every two years.

There are on average three courses a year and the organisers have undertaken to make each session tougher than the last. That means that the longer you leave it, the harder it is going to be to requalify. I was supposed to do my recert in June 2005 but injuries and work pressures forced me to defer to April 2006. But these were compounded by a brush with tennis elbow, a setback that took me out of training until early February this year! With under three months to go, I was in desperate straits: they test your fitness at the start of the course and you have to pass the greatly feared snatch test: for men of my age and weight, the standard was 32 per arm and I wasn’t nearly ready to do that. But no worries! I knew that George would have the solution and did he have!

Within a few days, George had devised a full, kick-your-butt-back-into-shape fast training programme, complete with complementary advised on nutrition and supplementation. Let me give you a flavour of what I’m talking about and invite you to check out what George set me for the dreaded Day 3 –

1. 6 reps a side See saw presses, followed immediately by 20 swings (I do them 2 handed with a 16K KB) – do without a break for six sets, no breaks between sets.

Rest 2 minutes.

2. As for 1 but with alternating bent over rows, Rest 2 minutes.

3. 6 reps chins followed without a break by 20 swings as for 1 and 2: continue without a break for 4 sets. Rest 2 minutes.

4. As for 3 but with dips instead of chins. Rest 2 minutes.

5. Core combo: 3 sets anything you like for your abs; 2 sets anything you like for lower back; 2 sets of rotator cuff strengtheners.

Reps and rests up to you. Trust me: that is a foretaste of the seventh circle of hell! Results? By late-March I was in the best shape I’d been in for years and ready to exceed the snatch test requirement by 25% if necessary.

That would more than exceed the requirement for the top weight group in the open age category (the target reps are set by age and weight division) and I’m a 55 year-old cookie pusher! George had me back-off and focus on the key kettlebell exercises – that is, the things I would actually be doing on the course. Between 11 and 16 pounds of solid muscle in just six weeks! I didn’t set out to gain muscle: that’s not what I train for because I’m looking for strength without bulk. But George knew that I’d need to put on some additional packing around the shoulder girdle in order to absorb the shock from repeated and sudden locking out (at the top of a snatch the bell goes through massive deceleration and you need to be able to absorb that comfortably if you’re dong a lot of it day after day as we were).

That was one of the aims of the protein shake and low-dosage creatine combo recommended in the programme – that and post-workout rehydration so that your body can sustain these very punishing programmes day in, day out, over the training period and into the course itself. Well, at the weigh-in for the snatch test, I expected to have put on a little weight: say from my usual 160-165 lb range to something like 165-168.

You can imagine the shock when I weighed in at 176: I’d put on something between 11 and 16 lbs over where I was at the start of the programme without even noticing it!!! How come, you might ask? Well, for one thing, I’d been losing fat around the waist – so much so, in fact, that I’d had two extra notches added to my belt: no kidding.

But the main reason why I didn’t notice anything was that, in our way of training, where we’re looking for strength and endurance, we ignore the ‘display’ muscles, like the biceps and the pecs, and concentrate on developing the core, particularly the lats and the shoulder girdle: not for size as such but so that we can lift more weight.

So that’s exactly what happened in my case: the muscle build-up was invisible because it was centred around the upper back where those of us who don’t have eyes in the back of our heads can’t see it! But those of you who want to see gains where you and the world can see them need go no further than George: he’s the man and he’ll give you exactly what you need to make those gains and fast, providing – of course – that you are ready to do the work. And it’s not just about muscle: want to boost your speed? He knows what to do. Jump higher? Throw things further? Greater flexibility? He’s got them all.

So how was the course itself? As one should expect with Pavel and Co, the workouts were absolute hell. I won’t bore you with most of them but suffice it to say that the course was probably twice as tough as it was when I first took it and that had been one of the hardest things I’d done in my life to date. And let me tell you about the grand finale, which was done in blazing sun on a Sunday afternoon, after a morning of three tough workouts, testing, etc). This was ‘The Crucible’ – Take two bells (24kg each), stand at the top of a sloping field about 100 metres long and form two lines. On the signal, we had to clean and press the bells (I’d never done it with two 24s before) then walk about a third of the distance holding them above our heads. On the next signal, we lowered to the clean rack and walked another third, followed by a farmer’s walk to the end. We then had to turn round and bear crawl back up the slope (put the bells on the ground about shoulder width apart, hands grasping the handles, assume a push-up position and ‘walk’ them from that using your lats). On the signal, at we had to get up and swing one of the bells (hold with both hands, swing back between the legs then up to waist height and so on), until the next signal when the crawls recommenced. The cycle continued until we had re-crossed the line at the top of the field. All this under a mercilessly hot sun – and, for me, fighting a heavy cold that some ****** gave me on the flight out!

In case my glossing over the first two days gives you the impression that they were a cakewalk, let me immediately disabuse you. One poor guy- who was actually really fit – had to miss the final day because the second day had fried his quads so badly that he literally couldn’t get out of bed! His wife (also on the course) told us that he hadn’t been able to sleep all night because his muscles just wouldn’t respond to his brain signals to let him turn over! Conclusion and recommendation: on-line coaching works It will be clear from what I’ve been saying that this is one very happy customer. George took me from nowhere to surviving a brutally hard three days in just six weeks. He did it by preparing a programme that – because of his extensive training and experience – he knew would work so long as I did my bit. I live in Hong Kong and George is based in Sydney: over 8 hours flight apart but this was no more than a minor inconvenience thanks to the invention of the Internet. After every session, I’d mail George with feedback about how the session went, whether I’d decided to make any modifications, how I felt, and so.

At every step, George came right back with encouragement, analysis and advice, right down to the prescription of a ‘protein fast’ to trick my body into grabbing every gram of protein and converting it to muscle. My lesson: on-line training works. You may argue that I am an experienced lifter and that George didn’t need to teach me technique as he would for a beginner. That’s true up to a point but the fact is that the program George prepared was specifically for me in my present state of training and experience and with a view to meeting my present needs. If I had been a beginner, he would have prepared a program for a beginner and would have given the particular client the appropriate coaching and guidance.

Of course it would be great if I could just drop in on George as so many of you can but I don’t have that luxury. The solution? It’s on-line training: on-line training works – it worked for me and it will work for you! One last word  as I said at the beginning of this testimonial, George is my friend and it would be eminently understandable if you thought “well, as a friend he would say these things, wouldn’t he?” Or, if you’re really cynical, you might think that George wrote this himself. Well, he didn’t and you can check my bona fides by mailing me direct at (Enable Javascript to see the email address). I look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to answer any questions about my experience of training with George to the best of my ability.

With best wishes and all success to you!

Sincerely, John Dean RKC, Hong Kong

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