Getting rid of that stubborn fat

Most of you are familiar with the term 'lactic acid' training. There are several methods you can use but the end result is the same. Bottom line is you need to take a ‘hormonal approach’ to fat loss. Trying to burn calories while you exercise does not always work when it comes to pockets of stubborn of fat.

You see, if you can't get the fat out of the fat cells, you can't burn it!

One method is to use "light weights" (this of course is a relative term). When you are doing lot of high rep sets with light resistance your body responds to the lactic acid accumulation by secreting Growth Hormone and we all know that growth hormone is the one of the good guys responsible for burning fat.

This type of training is particularly beneficial to:

  1. the elderly, where lifting heavy weights is generally not a good idea
  2. those who have not trained for a long time
  3. anyone undergoing rehabilitation and needs to maintain muscle mass
  4. those of you gym junkies who are simply burnt out from lifting heavy weights for way too long

Also, lactic acid training, done with light loads, is not that hard on your nervous system.

Now, it's very important to note that when you're doing this type of training, you want to be in a fasted state. You want to have stable or low blood sugar levels. High blood sugar blunts the growth hormone response and your fat burning will not be very  effective. Meal timing is very important!

This means not eating for about 3 hrs (preferably longer) before your training session.

I also suggest not eating any carbs (of any form) for at least an hour after as well (protein and some fat is fine).