The Renagade Burpee Challenge!

Pretty simple, do a push up on KB handles followed by renegade row, repeat on other side jump up. That is one rep. The idea is to get to 50 reps. I.e. you will end up with 100 push ups, 100 rows (50 each arm) and 50 jumps. Time how long it takes you to do the 10 rounds. Next time do better. Obviously the heavier the bell the harder it will be.
Tips on the renegade rows – make sure you are in a proper alignment when in the starting position i.e. your shoulder must be in direct line with your fist. Do not rotate your hip when rowing. Try to stay dead straight. When you pull the KB up it should go up in a straight line and not towards your hip. That is how you challenge your core. Oh, one more thing – do not stick your butt out !