Sports conditioning

Sports Conditioning

The foundation of every athlete should be physical preparedness.

Sadly, this is often overlooked. Most people simply enrol in an activity of their choice only to face a hard reality when they start competing that they get beaten because they are weak, unfit, have low endurance, poor balance and coordination.

Even your hard earned skill may be compromised due to lack of conditioning. For example, you may have a brilliant serve but not enough power behind it. You may look really good when performing your Karate kata but get beaten up by a white belt during kumite.

The following illustrates the building blocks of a complete athlete.

The bottom block, is what the conditioning is all about and it will give you the edge over your opponent.

If two opponents of similar skill face each other, the one that has a solid physical preparation will win.

No matter what sport you are engaged in I can design a program for you to make you a better athlete.

Some examples of sports I have been involved with: Martial arts, racket ball sports (such as tennis, squash, badminton, cricket), soccer, golf, swimming, car racing, gymnastics, yoga, figure skating,