Get leaner, fitter, faster and healthier using the proven techniques of elite Martial Arts Pros

Yes, I Want to Become Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

Discover the simple techniques that ANYONE can use to…

Even without any experience or actually having to do Martial Arts
  • Rapidly burn through stubborn fat…
  • Send your strength and endurance skyrocketing…
  • Vastly boost your speed and flexibility…
  • Feel healthier and look 10 years younger…
  • Kick your immune system into overdrive…
  • And much more…

Six weeks later I have a renewed energy for life, instead of my body feeling 15 years older than it was, I feel 10 years younger, lost 3 kilos and 3cm off the waist to boot, and this is only the beginning!

Brian Carter Cherrybrook, Sydney
Book your FREE 1.5 hour Fighting Fit consultation now (valued at $139)…
Yes, I Want to Become Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier
Martial Arts Training for Everyone

How many times this year have you said to yourself ‘I need to get into shape’? Now how many times have you actually done something about it? Let me guess… ZERO.

But to be fair, that might not be your fault. These days there are simply too many choices out there to know what’s right for you. Whether it’s a traditional gym, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Barre or weight lifting, how are you supposed to know which one is going to work best for you?

Or it might be because you’ve had a bad experience in the past. It’s easy to get disheartened without the right, customised training, techniques and encouragement.

M.A. Training uses the proven techniques of top Martial Arts Pros to transform you into a leaner, fitter, healthier version of yourself.

Strength Training

M.A. Training stand for Martial Arts Training. But it isn’t about learning to fight (though if that’s what you want we can help with that too). It’s about using the techniques and strategies developed by Martial Artists over thousands of years to burn through fat, build full body strength, flexibility, endurance, and to kick their immune systems into overdrive so they’re always ‘fighting fit’.

Martial Arts Training

Martial Artists are among the fittest athletes in the world. They need the whole package when it comes to their physical and mental condition. They can’t just be strong, or fast, or lean. They have to be all of it. And to top it off they need to be healthy and dedicated enough to endure the gruelling training and fights day in day out.

Some of the Fittest Athletes are Martial Artists
Martial Arts Training

And this is what you’ll get when you sign up for personalised, one on one coaching from M.A. Training. You’ll develop the same kind of ‘fighter’s physique’ as the pros, while also learning to enjoy the challenge and feeling of working out.

That’s right. As you start to see results and feel stronger and healthier you’ll be jumping out of bed in the mornings eager to squeeze in a workout before heading out the door. I know that sounds hard to believe, but trust me, many of our clients have gone from being practically allergic to exercise, to being pumped for every session!

Best of all, you don’t actually need to do any Martial Arts if you don’t want to. You see, the thing that most people don’t realise is, Martial Artists don’t actually spend all

their time practicing to fight, they spend most of their time working on their technique and fitness.

But you won’t see them in your usual gym or group fitness class. That’s because they don’t follow the hot new fitness trend conjured up by money-hungry gyms and fitness ‘gurus’. They stick to proven techniques they know will deliver hard, fast and lasting results. And these are the techniques you’ll learn at M.A. Training.

Yes, I Want to Become Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

If you want real change, you need a customised plan that fits YOUR body and YOUR lifestyle, and uses simple, PROVEN techniques to transform your body

Let me introduce myself. My name’s George Hynec. That’s me on the right. Now I usually don’t like posing for the camera or posting pictures of myself online, but I wanted you to see what M.A. Training can do for a guy like me.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m no underwear model. But keep in mind that I’m over 60 years old. Most guys my age have a big beer gut, a flabby body and huffs and puffs up a flight of stairs. In fact, the average body fat percentage of even a young Aussie male is above 25% – that means more than a quarter of their body is fat! But by using the same proven techniques I teach my clients through M.A. Training my body fat is down between 12% to 15% – the level usually seen in professional athletes.

More importantly I can comfortably take on people 40 years younger than me.

If that’s the kind of thing you’d like to be able to do, then book your FREE 1.5 hour Fighting Fit consultation now (valued at $139)…

George Hynec
George Hynec

Yes, I Want to Become Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

Why I can transform your body from couch potato to fighting fit

There are a lot of Personal Trainers (PT) advertising their services these days. Some with little more than a few weeks of training at a TAFE institute. This flood of new recruits has made it hard to find PTs with the proper qualifications, experience and knowledge to truly change your physical and mental condition.

But don’t let the big names and awards put you off. Many of my clients are simply regular people who’d like to lose a bit of weight, tone their body and feel younger, healthier and have more energy when they wake up each morning.

In fact, I love helping these kinds of clients because I get the opportunity to really change someone’s life for the better. There’s nothing more rewarding then seeing someone work hard to achieve their dreams and literally transform into a new person. And it happens all the time. Just look at what some of my clients have to say about M.A. Training…

So what makes me different? Well I’ve been a qualified Personal Trainer for 15 years, and I’m also a Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA), Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC), Certified Specialist in KAATSU (additional pressure training), and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I’ve also trained top athletes like:

Rosemary Little – Australian Paralympic Athlete (bronze medal in wheelchair racing in 2012 Paralympics),

Cheltzie Lee – Australian Figure Skater (2010 National Champion and represented Australia in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics)

Kurt Colpan – Krav Maga Expert and Former National Director of IKMF Australia and NZ

Ricky Rigor – 2015 Australian Karate Federation National Champion

Alf Coco – Jeet Kune Do Expert and Head of the Sydney Kali Academy

I had to do a stress test and medical check up with a specialist for a life insurance increase in my premiums. After completing the test, the Doctor compared my tests with the results from 12 months ago and said “whatever your trainer is doing, tell him to keep doing it”.

Julian White Castle Hill, Sydney

Claim your FREE 1.5 hour Fighting Fit consultation now (valued at $139)…

Now I know that the first step is always the hardest one. So to make it easier for you, I’m offering you a FREE 1.5 hour Fighting Fit consultation.

You’ll get a comprehensive fitness assessment where I’ll look at your current strengths, weaknesses, speed, endurance and flexibility. Then you’ll receive a digital posture analysis to check for areas of improvement. We’ll also look at your lifestyle and nutrition see how we can make sure you get the best results not just for your fitness, but for your overall health.

Once that’s all done, I’ll take all of the information you’ve given me and create a customised plan for you. Then we’ll go through it step by step in a full length personal training session.

Like I said, this Fighting Fit consultation is completely free, and there’s no obligation for you to sign up for more lessons or enter any kind of contract. In fact, I hate contracts so I don’t force my clients to bind themselves to any kind of on-going program like most gyms do.

At the end of your Fighting Fit consultation, you’re welcome to go home and take your time to decide whether M.A. Training is right for you. If you feel like I can’t deliver the results you’re looking for, then no worries. You don’t need to ever see or speak to me again. But if you DO think M.A. Training can help you transform your life and make you stronger, fitter, faster and healthier, simply give me a call to book in a session.

So what are you waiting for? Claim your FREE 1.5 hour Fighting Fit consultation today.

Yes, I Want to Become Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

Why am I offering a $139 consultation for free?

Many of my clients first come to me by word of mouth. They know what I do, and what I can do for them. And because they’ve come through one of my current clients, I know that they’re probably a good fit for me.

But as we don’t know each other I want you to be sure that I can deliver the results you’re looking for. And I think it’s crazy to make you sign up to some kind of 12-month contract or 10 session package just to find out (like some gyms and trainers do). Just as importantly, I need to know that I can work with you. I need to know you’re dedicated and that you really want to transform your physical and mental condition. Because the most important thing for me is results. I want every single one of my clients to succeed. So I need to know that you have the determination and will to stick to the custom program I create for you.

Look, I know how hard it is to start on the path to transforming your life. That’s why I’ve made it as easy as possible with a free 1.5 hour, no obligation consultation. You simply try out my training, and if you’re not happy all you’ve lost is a couple of hours. And you’ll have had a good workout in the process.

But if you are happy, in a few months’ time I guarantee you’ll be stronger, fitter, faster and healthier than ever before. You’ll feel and look 10 years longer and be full of energy all day.

Isn’t the chance of that worth two hours of your life?


George Hynec

George Hynec,
Founder & Head Coach, M.A. Training