Here is a simple but important rule:

the greater the intensity of the exercise, the more complete the muscle stimulation, the greater the resultant muscle growth. Everyone knows it.

Take a close look at the difference between sprinters and marathon runners the next time you observe a sporting event.

Have you ever wondered why sprinters have much greater muscle definition and mass even though marathon runners work out for longer periods of time?.. Intensity of workout, not duration, is the key to muscle development. And yet no one ever took this simple principle and used it to create a quick, effective workout.. Until now.

The old methods of the 1990s have to wear out your muscles before they finally get to the critical “muscle development” fibers (scientists refer to them as “Fast Glycolytic”) during the excruciating last 2 reps. This new “Explosive Fitness” style of training goes directly to those fibers, in a single rep.

The old 1990s methods emphasises effort in the most dangerous position, which increases stress on ligaments and tendons, but doesn’t provide the required signal to strengthen them. Following the new system not only strengthens muscles faster, but bones, tendons and ligaments as well.

Because you can comfortably handle hundreds of kilograms of weight, the growth stimulus and intensity of overload that is delivered to your muscles is so much higher in the strong range than it is in the weak range. This sends a massive overload signal to the central nervous system, which is an indispensable condition for assuring rapid muscle growth.

Explosive Fitness’s unique training equipment provides the perfect mechanism to accomplish maximum strength and fitness levels through five 7 second exercises, in a 7 minute workout. Through the use of this technology, you will experience greatly enhanced strength and performance after just a couple of workouts than you might otherwise through the continued use of 1990’s methods.

Recent research highlights the pivotal role adequate rest has to play in muscle development. Muscle fibers don’t grow during the workout. They grow after the workout, while you are resting. Determining the correct duration and frequency of the rest period between training sessions is the key to deal continuous development.

The question is.. How can you ensure that you are resting enough between workouts to allow your body to recover?

You have to find a way of measuring your development accurately. If improvement is both continuous and progressive, you know you are on the right track.

Explosive Fitness’s sophisticated electronics provide you with the most accurate measurement possible of your progress, from workout to workout. Using these results as a guide for establishing the duration of the rest period between workouts, the optimum pattern of rest and activity can easily be identified.

Remember: The point at which you stop making measurable progress is the first indication that you are overtraining.

Prominent performance coach, Anthony Robbins says:

“The cutting edge in bodybuilding and strength training that can show you – no matter what age you are – how you can produce the greatest result you ever thought possible in the shortest time.”

“This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten”. Ironman Magazine.



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