Endorsed by the US army as their official health and fitness conditioning program, used by gridiron teams, thousands of martial artists and athletes from around the world. To quote Coach Sonnon, the founder of CST (Circular Strength System):

CST is a complete system unto itself

“You cannot take a portion from a circle and still have a circle. As a ‘holistic’ approach, you must have a whole. The micro of the macro is that the body is not composed of hundreds of individual muscles but rather of one muscular sack of bioelectric jelly with hundreds of sets of insertions. Nothing in isolation; everything a complete whole, a perfect circle.

Unlike conventional fitness definitions which only regard the bottom level attributes of endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility and power which come from training, CST includes the critical elements of coordination, body control, agility, balance, accuracy, timing, rhythm and sensitivity which come from practice. In other words, CST measures fitness as the ability to recruit maximal multi-joint efficiency to move through multiple planes of motion with greater and greater ease compared to previous attempts.

CST’s model of physical development progresses upward through cycles of incremental sophistication, like a pyramid building from the base upwards to a point. The effortless performance, known as peak performance, optimal performance zone or flow-state, is CST’s primary goal, and it deliberately builds from attributes to abilities to skills to flow. Included in this development is facing chaos. One must feel the external and internal resistance of competitive forces. Competition IS a cooperative game.

The recent trend to vilify competition is due to an etiological misunderstanding. Competition derives from the Latin roots con and petire which in unison mean – to seek together. Could there be any better definition of a co-operation? The goal of competition is to co-create the transformative element of resistance or pressure. Without this transformative element of competition, one can stand at the door of flow-state but it will remain locked. The transcendent possibilities which occur during competition change the individual on a fundamental cellular level.”

NOTE: I am not a certified CST instructor but have been using Scott’s principles and training protocol for many years.

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