Body weight

Most people (especially men) when they start an exercise program cannot wait to start pumping iron. If you cannot push up or deep squat your own body weight you may be asking for an injury if you start lifting heavy weights. Relative strength (i.e. your ability to work with your own body) is in my view far more important than absolute strength. You may be able to bench press a Toyota but can you jump over a fence? Muscle recruitment and control are far more important.

The advantage of body weight training is that it generally consists of compound movements. For example, when training with weights lot of people like to do isolation exercises such as dumbbell curls, tricep push downs and so on.  Leave the isolation stuff to physios for rehabilitation, that’s what it’s for. You must perform integrated movement like squats, push ups, jumps, chin ups, pull ups, etc. OK I hear you, I am over 100kg, how on earth can i do one push up! The answer to that is PROGRESSION.

In the example below you can see how you can start at an elevated level and gradually decrease the level hence increasing the difficulty.Ultimately you will be able to do push ups with your feet where your hands used to be.


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