Natural Traction

As an M.A. Training client you now have the benefit of training on what I consider to be the best inversion device on the market – the Bioflex Inversion. When you invert yourself with your head lower then your feet, your muscles are not only relieved of gravity’s natural pull, but they are gently stretched in the opposite direction. This elongates the spine and reduces muscle pain. Studies indicate that it takes only 10 seconds of inversion to reduce pain by over one third. Maximum spinal stretch and pain reduction occurs in just over one minute !

Total traction naturally…

Relieves the disc and nerve root pressure that leads to degenerative arthritis in the spine.

Isolates your abs and back muscles, so you can exercise them without pressure on your spine and pelvis.

Relaxes your muscles, which increases blood flow and relieves muscle spasm.

Releases pressure on your neck (cervical) muscles to relieve headaches and tension.

Total Traction Naturally

With Bioflex inversion, when you’re fully inverted, your weight is borne by your thighs – your largest muscle group. That’s an improvement on earlier types of inversion tables – the ones with ankle-clamps. No chance of circulation restriction. It’s a safe and natural way to decompress.

Excellent Abdominal Strength!

Bioflex allows an effective abdominal workout. Laying on a flat floor doing crunches is an inadequate method of training your abs. You’ll do crunches in the correct bent-leg position. Inversion isolates your abs without putting stress on your back.


  • Improves circulation to the brain and head. Stimulates all mental process, improves memory and concentration, and retards onset of senility.
  • Improves vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch ….. all senses…. and hair regrowth.
  • Promotes waste elimination. Toxins are removed from the system in order to prevent degenerative deceases. Benefits liver, colon, kidneys, gall bladder, stomach and spleen.
  • Clears congestion and aids waste elimintation of the lungs.
  • Improves function of thyroid gland, adrenal and sex glands.

Capilaries are well nourished, with blood keeping them open and elastic. This decreases the tendency to strokes, varicose veins and collapsing arteries.

Digestive System

Stagnated blood in the abdominal region, digestive tract and organs is aided by increased circulation and the opposite pull of gravity.

The large and small intestines enjoy increased stimulation and decongestion.

Deep breathing causes the diaphragm to massage the liver and spleen, which helps to decongest and stimulate them. New oxygenated blood revitilizes the liver.

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