The ultimate workout for both cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and functional movement. No treadmills at this gym !


Perfect compliment to the kettlebell workout. Increase your grip and core strength.

Functional Cable Training

The SPT-6X is a functional and strength exercise workout station with a 360-degree rotating bench

Body weight

Most of us these days can’t even do a single push up, let along a pull up. Learn how to move your own weight and increase your relative strength.

Burn Machine


Additional Pressure training can build muscle and make you stronger in a shorter time then conventional training. In this video I am only using resistance band to achieve muscular failure  in a short period of time.


When you invert yourself with your head lower then your feet, your muscles are not only relieved of gravity’s natural pull, but they are gently stretched in the opposite direction. This elongates the spine and reduces muscle pain.

Power Bag

The forgotten art of functional movement. Unlike other weights, sandbags are unstable which requires a great degree of coordination and balance.

Vibration Plate

Used as a training method, it has been shown to increase bone density, muscle strength and flexibility in a remarkably short amount of time: 10 minutes with this system is the equivalent of 60 minutes of weight lifting.

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