M.A. Training is proud to be associated with Al Abidin – a world class expert in close quarters combat and the president of Cutting Edge Combat. His company has trained thousands of people in the unique style of combat called Hikuta. Let me tell you that this system is something else. It is very simple to learn so it can be done by anyone. You will learn how to deliver devastating punches and kicks that are simply unstoppable. Forget learning 1001 techniques – when it comes to the crunch they just don’t work. You have to be fast and you have to be powerful.

Here is a word from master Al Abidin:

It is my passion and commitment to absolutely be your most complete and reliable source of advice and information on how you can protect yourself even if you are attacked by several people.

To accomplish this, I’ve invested over 25 years trying and testing every martial art and street fighting system I could get my hands on. This included learning from martial arts experts, police academy instructors, ex-convicts, street fighters and combat soldiers.

The reason I went to such a variety of self-defense instructors is because of my intense desire to avoid all the self-defense that doesn’t work, focusing only on that which has proven to be effective in real life or death encounters.

What I discovered was a proven method called Hikuta that could be learned by anyone immediately without countless hours of practice. I knew that this would really benefit people, saving them time and money, neither of which we ever seem to have enough of.

So it is my pledge and privilege to bring you the advice and information you need to protect yourself wherever you go, and I look forward to being the only source of self-defense information that you really trust. Tthe method we use to help you learn is based on science and physics. I’ts so easy yet very effective, even if you are older, out of shape or even if you are a smaller person or in between. The reason this method is so easy and also effective is because it uses your reflexes and your entire bodyweight. The result is power and quickness. The power multiplies with speed. A hammer is only deadly when you swing it and only drives the nail when you have enough speed.

Here is an example of how speed works. Ever sat on a needle or ever touched a hot stove? Notice how you move so quick. These are just some example of how you can move quicker than you think.


Al Abidin


Cutting Edge Combat

Hikuta: Self Defense for the Real World!

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