• Tailor made programs for martial artists whether you are new to martial arts, are in training for your black belt, or preparing for an upcoming tournament.
  • Be coached by a certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC), accredited by International Sports Science Association.
  • We will test your reaction time, your punching  power, your absolute strength. in leg press, dead lift, bench press and abdominal crunch using the most sophisticated electronic equipment.
  • Develop speed, power, strength and endurance to beat your opponents every time.
  • If you are really serious, then you must consider the ultimate tool for martial artists – the kettlebell. Learn the awesome power of this tool and its specific application to martial arts, no matter what your discipline is.
  • Generate more power by using your whole body as a single entity.
  • Use the magic of “irradiation” to enormously amplify the power in your body.
  • Accept the challenge of Tactical Fitness programs designed by Scott Sonnon for Special Operations Personnel. As Scott says ‘Turn that candy ass into a hard ass’!

Call me about an evaluation – if you do not know what your base line is, you don’t know whether you are making progress ! Program will be designed for you to improve in your weak areas.

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I have discovered a secret!

By Kurt Colpan / Sydney, Australia

“It all started at the end of October 2008: I was sparring my brother and I’d hit him with a beautiful palm strike to the jaw, he took it and growled and went for a takedown. I sprawled and he intuitively knew it was coming so instead he moved upwards on an angle and pinned me against the ropes. I remember that moment, feeling his power and thinking DAMN I wish I had that strength. I always looked up to my brother as strength is his forte, he is like a walking gorilla.

A few days later my friend Jeremy started telling me about kettlebells and how they could really help me with my strength. So I thought I would give it a go, I found a qualified kettlebell instructor named George Hynec. Thank God!

I first met George on November 23 last year. For a man past the halfway mark, George looks great and when he told me his age I didn’t believe him. I remember thinking, I want to be just like him when I’m his age – he seemed like such a hope for me. I found him to be very humble and he listened to everything I had to say. He then took my body fat levels and we found them to be 28.5%.

I never really thought of myself as fat back then, I just thought I was a bit round as I loved to eat. George on the other hand told me that some people would say I was obese and I was on the road to heart disease, cancer or diabetes. I was quite shocked! For the next 3 to 4 months the word OBESE rang in my head and drove me to the point of exhaustion.

George taught me all about kettlebells and then taught me a hell of a lot of other things about health and fitness. First things first though, I concentrated on learning how to use a kettlebell the way he taught me, I would practice a few days a week and train a few days a week or more following his program. I changed my eating habits to what he advised and I still maintain these habits now with pleasure.

I remember starting with an 8 kilogram kettlebell. At the time it was quite heavy for me but in a short time I was on a 12, then a 16 and more recently a 20. My first goal of getting stronger was achieved. I could feel it grow in training and also in regular day life. Lifting and doing everyday things became easier. And grappling became more fun because I started tapping into this unbelievable strength I’ve always wished for.

My body changed and within 3 months I got down to around 15% body fat. I became leaner and more athletic. People began to comment on how athletic I have become and still do to this day. My body is completely different from the way it used to be, I now look like a lean, mean fighting machine.

I started when I was 29 and at the time started feeling like I was getting old or something. I had aches and pains that have now completely disappeared. I had back and hip flexor injuries that have evaporated into dust. I recently turned 30 and nobody believes my age it’s almost as though all the training and lifestyle habits I’ve taken up have actually reversed my age.  I am truly amazed at what I have achieved.

Over time George started introducing me to some of his other training methods including flexibility training. My kicks have gotten so much better as a result not to mention my overall ability to move with grace.

George emails me often with cool articles about health and fitness. He’s always supportive and answers every question I have. The guy is a living and breathing encyclopedia of health and fitness! He is more passionate about what he does than anybody I have seen.

I could rant on so much more, and trust me I want to. There are so many other benefits that have come with this journey that I could mention. But perhaps you should find out for yourself! If you’re close to George and serious about health and fitness, then go and see him. I am living proof that his methods and teaching work!”

Thank you George

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