Elbow lever


Straight bar dip

Cossack Drill For Front Kick

Start from a fighting stance, drop down onto your rear foot keeping the heel on the ground. Come up in one smooth movement straight into a front kick. This will improve your explosiveness as you are starting the movement from a position of extreme stretch. Give it a try and let me know how your legs felt afterwards.

Scorpion’s Tail Stretch

This is an excellent core exercise as well as an abdominal stretch incl your intercostals. Get on all fours. Place your right leg in line with your right palm (leg straight). Driving with your hip, rotate as far as you can to place your foot down in line with your left hand. Keep your knee up throughout. Reverse the movement then repeat on the other side. Do 3-5 reps per side.

Kettlebell Snatch Lunge

One of my all time favorite exercises done here with my training partner Matt. This one is a bit different then snatch and lunge. Basically, as soon as the bell is moving up you perform the lunge, so when you are at the bottom of the lunge your arm should be in the lockout. In other words the two movements (snatch and lunge) flow into one another. Use a lighter bell then what you would normally snatch. Perform 5 reps per side. This works everything (including your eyebrows).

Bottoms up Kettlebell Push Up

Place 2 kettlebells bottoms up in front of you. Place your palms on the bottom of the bells. I use small KBs for better balance. Then simply crank out push ups. This is challenging because the little devils are not very co-operative. Needless to say you have to stay pretty tight in your abs and glutes. This is even more challenging then doing push ups on the swiss or med ball or even gymnastic rings. Great for core stabilization. Give it a try.

Ab wheel for a six pack

One of the few gadgets that stood the test of time because it actually works. I bought this one in K-Mart 15 years ago for a few bucks.Start from a standing position rolling the wheel out slowly keeping the body very tight. At the bottom you can drop on your knees (I do this to protect my back) then go down as flat as possible before reversing the movement. Keep your hips down at all times else you are cheating. If you are strong enough in the core, then your knees do not touch the ground. If you are a beginner start off your knees.

Kettlebell snatch and windmill

Great exercise combining the dead snatch with the windmill. Place kettlebell in front of you and snatch it from the ground (like an olympic style snatch). Once it is overhead simply perform a windmill. When you finish the windmill, lower the bell to the ground and start again. This is good for training explosive power with the snatch and building core strength with the windmill.

Kettlebell dip

To make your body weight dips a bit more challenging just hook a kettelbell on your foot (if you don’t have a belt). Here I am using 20kg bell with a body weight of 73kg for 10 reps. The range of motion is less due to the size of the bell which allows you to crank out more reps. Your triceps will thank you.

10×10 gymnastic rings push ups

The idea is to do 10 reps of these 10 different push ups. Start with 5 reps and build up

1)     Standard position push up

2)     Palms facing in

3)     Twist out

4)     Twist in

5)     Tri dip

6)     Archer

7)     Iron cross

8)     Wide grip

9)     Pike

10)  Tricep extension

Glute exercise

1) Circles – Lie on your stomach, hips down, lift one leg and perform circles for 10 reps then reverse.
2) Knee lift – same deal but bend knee, keep hip down and lift up squeezing your glute hard.
3) Straight leg lift – from cobra position lift one leg as high as you can

Barbell Uppercut

Bottom up kettlebell push ups

Place 2 kettlebells bottoms up in front of you with your palms on the bottom of the bells. I use small KBs for better balance. Then simply crank out push ups. This is challenging because the little devils are not very co-operative. Great for core stabilization

Roundhouse to hook kick drill

Do couple of roundhouse kicks to the head immediately followed by a hook kick. Another variation is not to put the kicking foot down before you do the hook kick

Crescent swing

Do a high swing, then at the top when the bell is ‘floating’ swiftly step over with your right, then do the same with your left. Always step in a forward direction i.e. do not step back !

Quad squat

Knees and elbows out at 45 degree angle. Perform a push up, ensuring equal weight distribution between arms and legs, i.e. do not stick your butt out or keep it too low. At the bottom position push off explosively into a bottom squat position and repeat for required number of reps.

Kick through

Start on all fours. Transfer weight on your left foot, keeping you heel down, feed your right leg through and kick, with your left arm in guard position.

Towel push ups

Slasher for better core

Grab a kettlebell by the horns with the bottom up. Start at the hip moving the bell in front of you body as if you were using a sword to performing an upper strike. Continue by moving the bell behind your head and then executing a downward slash. You must stay very tight all over to protect your low back. This is best done in a controlled fashion. Amazing core exercise.

Push up position lateral jumps

Get into a military push up position with your butt slightly up, then simply jump over a low obstacle from side to side. This is a somewhat ballistic exercise so stay pretty tight and do not drop your hips !

Hip ball rotation for better kicks and punches

We all know how important it is to engage the hip when punching and kicking, yet vast majority don’t quite get it right. Here is an exercise you must do if you want to get more power in your kicks and punches and teach your body to move as a unit when delivering a strike. Contrary to popular belief that power comes from the ground up it really comes from the ‘core out’.  When you try this drill you will know why.

Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about kicking ass it’s still good for ya cause it works your abs and hip flexors very nicely indeed.

Ball bounce push up

Get into a push up position on a swiss ball. Simply drop down on the ball, bounce about half way up and hold for 3-5 seconds, then complete the rest of the push up. Repeat for the desired number of reps. Great exercise to teach you muscles to switch on and off as well as maintain a static contraction. Good for any martial artist especially the grapplers.

Kettlebell plank

Get into a plank position with a kettlebell on one side. Simply push the bell away from you then pull it towards you. You must remain in a strict plank position i.e. do not lift your butt and do not twist your hips. Do 5 or 6 reps on one side then switch while holding the plank. No real need for heavy bell, even an 8kg will do the job.

Kettlebell deck press

Kettlebell sit up and press

Kettlebell lunges with front kick

Clean two kettlebells then simply perform alternate lunges with front kicks thrown in between. Stay straight and tight !

Suspended hip lift

Walking push ups

 Split squats

Suspended push ups

Can be done inside a power rack. You need two bars, one lower than the other one. Get into a push up position placing your hands on the lower bar. Obviously, the lower you go the harder it gets. Make sure your chest is in line with the bar.

Forward/reverse lunges

Hanging leg raises

Body curl front view

I think I picked this up from Nick Nilsson (the lateral thinker of fitness) it may even be called the Nilsson curl. Basically, a chin up but your arms are locked by placing a second bar just above the elbows. As they say, “if you can’t handle your own body weight, you got no business lifting weights” hai !

Body curl side view

Lateral push ups

Choose an object you want to use for this exercise, e.g. stepper, focus mitts or in this case mui thai pad. Get into a push up position and simply crank out push ups alternating between left and right.

Squat with clubbell flag

If you want to train the whole body with just one exercise then combine a squat with the clubbell flag. Of course you can use a DB instead. Stand shoulder wide holding the CB/DB in front of you. Squat down pushing your hips back and at the same time extending your arms straight in front of you. As you begin to come up pull the CB/DB towards you. Do 5 reps then swap the hand position on the club and do another 5. This works just about everything (even your eyebrows will thank you).

Tiger Push ups

You want to improve your punches then do this exercise. Don’t care about punches, still do it cause it’s good for ya.


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