Cardio core workout

This circuit will work your core as well as challenge your cardiovascular system. Here is a mix of body weight and kettlebell exercises. Cook it any way you want. Predetermined reps or as HIIT with predetermined intervals. My preference here is for 30s on 10s rest to allow change over and 1 to 2min rest at the end of each round. Needless to say if you are a ground fighter you must do this.

-Reverse stationary lunge with 10kg medball twist (left and right) – keep your arms relatively straight. If you don’t have a med ball use a DB, KB (or a small animal – they love it).

-Extended plank push up – not as hard as it looks but if difficult do it off the knees

-Kettlebell Kneeling swing – use your hips !

-Fast mountain climbers – you should have trouble  saying your name after this if you go hard  enough

Renagade Burpee Challenge

Pretty simple, do a push up on KB handles followed by renegade row, repeat on other side jump up. That is one rep. The idea is to get to 50 reps. I.e. you will end up with 100 push ups, 100 rows (50 each arm) and 50 jumps. Time how long it takes you to do the 10 rounds. Next time do better. Obviously the heavier the bell the harder it will be.
Tips on the renegade rows – make sure you are in a proper alignment when in the starting position i.e. your shoulder must be in direct line with your fist. Do not rotate your hip when rowing. Try to stay dead straight. When you pull the KB up it should go up in a straight line and not towards your hip. That is how you challenge your core. Oh, one more thing – do not stick your butt out !

Kettlebell Swing and Push up Challenge

Crank out 20 swings immediately followed by 10 push ups. Keep going for 10 rounds, resting as little as possible. Time yourself. You will end up with 200 swings and 100 push ups. Here is a very simple but not as easy as it looks 300 rep workout. Next time you do this routine try to beat your previous time.

Double date with kettlebells

1) double clean
2) double jerk (if uncoordinated do a push press)
3) front squat
4) seated KB bicep curl (keep back straight, lean back on the eccentric)
5) push up on DBs
Do 10 reps of each with as little rest as possible in between. Rest for 90sec after the round. Go for at least 20 min total time.

Power to the people

1) KB side lunge
2) Leaning tower with press
3) Power snatch
4) Akrowheel one arm push up (don’t have a wheel, no prob just place your arm on a kb and crank out one arm push ups)
5) Clubbell squat
6) Jump lunges
NOTE: Got the sequence slightly wrong here so suggest you do (5) after (3)

Either decide on number of reps you are going to do or set a timer for 30/15 sec split (i favour this one) where the 15 sec is the rest period allowing you enough time to set up for the next exercise. Rest for 90sec between rounds. 4 rounds is enough. Where there is a unilateral exercise such as the one arm push up, you can split that into 15s work on the right and 15s on the left, alternatively if you are tough bad ass you can do the whole 30s one one side and in the next round do the other side

Rock it

1) Rocking swing – swing 2 KBs on the outside of your legs. Stay in a 1/4 squat position throughout i.e. do not come up. Your arms should be straight and you ‘reach’ fwd and ‘reach’ backward. Try to get a good stretch on the back swing. Keep your back straight.
2 ) Dodge the punch
3) Sambo swing – basically a kneeling swing with a pull
4) Kneeling quad lift with 1 arm press

Body flow 1

1) Quad press – just make sure your back is parallel to the floor. Your weight distribution is equal i.e. do not press more with your arms then with your legs and vice versa, that simply renders the exercise useless
2) Hurdler – just look at it as a runner (upside down) jumping across hurdles. The action of your legs resembles that of scissors
3) Table top – hips up as high as you can, then drop them going past your hands – do not let your butt touch the ground. On the last rep lift your legs and hold for at least 5 secs. Why? Cause it’s good for ya !
4) T- push up – well, an old one but still a good one.

Cook it any way you want. Suggest you do 10 reps per exercise or set the timer for 30 sec per exercise, rest at the end of the round for at least 60 sec. Do this until you get bored which should take about 20 min.

Body weight 4×4 circuit

4 exercises for 4 rounds

1) Swaying plank – knees do not touch the ground! That is the rule here. Back is parallel to the ground. If you can’t do this, then stick with a standard push up.
2) Jumping squats – what can I say ? It will hurt. If too hard just squat very fast.
3) Spinal rock – use this one to reset your breathing.
4) Kick through – keep the heel of the supporting foot firmly on the ground.

Suggested split is 25 seconds on and 5 seconds off just enough time to set yourself up for the next exercise. Rest 90 seconds between rounds. 4 rounds should be enough to start off with. If you are not breathing hard at the end of each round then you are either very fit already or are not doing it right.Use full on intensity in the jumps and kick through and lot of tension in the swaying plank.

Strikers Circuit 3 Level 1

1) BB uppercut
2) 1 arm horn clean
3) Explosive push ups
4) Twist and press (note not a push press)
5) Brace and punch

Strikers Circuit 2 Level 1

1) Alternate BB Shoulder Press – this can be deceiving so use a lighter weight then what you are used to for standard BB press
2) Plank to push up – stay pretty tight and make sure you alternate the push up i.e. come up on the right and next one on the left etc
3) CB or DB side flag – back straight weight on the back foot
4) Double KB jerk – can’t do the jerk do a push press instead. But do make the effort to learn this one properly. You are only as strong as your tendons and the jerk will take care of that.

Swing Complex

Bored with ordinary swings? Try this for a change

Perform 5 hard style swings, 5 push swings, 5 horn swings and 5 horn cleans in each set. Set the clock for 20 min. Rest between sets is up to you.

Strikers Circuit 1 Level 1

Power comes from the hips full stop. Add these exercises to your routine to develop more striking power.

Note: for the purposes of the demo the reps do not necessarily correspond to the suggested number of reps. Time – at least 20 min, rest 60-90 sec between rounds.
1) Racked twist – clean two KBs and simply twist to the right then to the left pivoting on the rear foot as if though you are executing a punch. Do 5 reps each side.
2) Alternate dead hang cleans – self explanatory, do not come up keep the knees bent all the time just bob up and down, explode up with a pull and absorb the shock in the racked position.
3) Clubbell (or DB) side flag – keep your back straight, weight is on the back foot, slightly lean away from the protect your low back.
4) Bent over 1 arm row with a down strike. Stay in ‘silverback’ position throughout.

Dead Clean, Front Squat and Snatch

Quick and simple circuit. Clean the bell, squat with the KB in the rack position, snatch it and repeat for the desired number of reps and sets. My preference is for 5 reps each side. This works everything.

5×5 Metcon Circuit Level 1

Choose one kettlebell for a push swing, two KBs for push ups and a bent over row, ab wheel and a sandbag.
Perform 5 push swings, 5 push ups, 5 bent over rows, 5 ab roll outs, and 5 lunges on the left and 5 lunges on the right. Do this without a break. Rest for 60-90sec then repeat. 20 min is enough

5×5 Metcon Circuit Level 2

Metcon 5×5 Level 2

5 horn swings
5 bottom up push ups
5 double/single bent over row with static hold
5 ab wheel roll outs
5 snatch and lunge

5×5 Metcon Circuit Level 3

5  horn cleans (this one is about shock absorption so ABSORB)
5 bottom up push ups (just hope you don’t fall off)
5 renegade rows
5 walkouts
5 snatch/lunge flows- start the lunge as soon as you start the snatch so when the bell is on top you are at the bottom position of your lunge. Use a lighter bell for this one because there is a chance of bit of a hyperextension in the shoulder since you are moving forward and the bell is traveling against you (can see this on couple of the lifts I did indeed over extended a bit)

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