‘Health First, Fitness Second’

My prime focus is on client’s health and wellbeing. It is not just about reps and sets, it’s about overall health. What is the point of having a great body if you are not well on the inside, or are depressed, anxious, stressed and so on?

By trying to maintain optimum health and fitness, you will get a great looking body anyway (look at it as a ‘side effect’ of getting healthy). We exercise for health and in the process we become fit, strong, flexible and through internal exercises we also become healthy on the inside as we strengthen our internal organs. The old saying ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’ is what it’s all about.

How do we get there?

Well, like anything else in life, you got to have a goal, a plan and a map. If you don’t know what you want or where you are going you are not going to get there. So, we need to be specific in what we want, then we put together a structured, incremental program designed for each individual based on their goals, abilities, fitness level, strength, flexibility and body weight. E.g. you may have a few extra pounds around the middle but you may very well be strong and flexible which allows you to train in a totally different way to someone who is underweight, weak and inflexible, and obviously has a completely different objective.

Assessment and screening

Each of our prospect clients is carefully assessed and screened for movement, strength, muscle imbalance, flexibility. If we find issues (generally this means pre-existing conditions) that may prevent you starting training program you will be referred to a therapist or a doctor to further assess your situation and commence an appropriate treatment. A good trainer should never ignore any type of imbalance in your body as it could lead to further injuries.


Programs are entirely dependant on what the client’s goals are. This would range from wanting to lose some fat to achieving athletic greatness. The programs are generally set for a 3 month period, after which the program will be changed. The training is incremental so for example if you are training for building muscle and strength you will be expected to lift more weight at the end of the 3 month.

Some examples of different programs are – density training, metabolic circuits (dynamic training), strength training, lactic acid training, Various implements will be used such as vibro plate, body weight, kettlebells, clubbells, cables, sand bags, dumbbells and barbells. We do not use machines as they are simply not good for humans. Originally they were meant and designed for rehabilitation as they isolate muscle groups. Training in this manner does not develop a functional body.

Who is this for?

Well, pretty much anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who’s prime focus is to make you a healthier person who wants to perform better, be it in athletics, in the garden or in the office. This may mean changing your attitude, changing what you eat/drink and the way you exercise. If you are willing to accept these changes  your life will change for the better.


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Service Times & Directions

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