At first my interest in martial arts was pure fitness. I enrolled at a local Tae Kwon Do school to get my then 10 year old daughter involved in martial arts. 4 years later, she dropped out and I found myself training for my black belt – a daunting task. 10 full contact rounds did not appeal to me.

I started to search for ways to prepare myself for the task at hand. Several things needed to happen – I needed speed, power and endurance. I was to go up against fighters who were less then half my age and of course much better then me.

I visited different martial arts school looking for that perfect style.  I trained in Hapkido, Capoeira, different Chinese styles but it was all too involved requiring mastery of thousands of techniques which frustrated me. I then switched to a Chinese internal style which I still practice  today. This taught me about speed, power generation (note his power is different, i.e. it is not based on kinetic force but comes from within) and free flow.

However I still needed to put on more muscle. This is when I came across Charles Staley who is one of the top strength coaches in America. I signed up with Charles to be my coach for 3 Georgemonths.  This was the time when I really started paying attention to how one should train. Charles then led me to Pavel Tsatsouline – ex instructor for Spetsnatz Special Forces. I studied pretty much everything Pavel produced including kettlebells. I actually made my own KB handles that is how convinced I was that this type of training was the way to go – back to basics, the old school of fitness. I was so wrapped in it that I bit the bullet and enrolled in the instructor certification course (RKC – Russian Kettlebell Challange)  in St Paul, a long way to travel from Down Under to swing funny looking weights.

I just kept on learning whatever I could always using Bruce Lee’s motto ‘Accept what is useful to you and discard what is useless’. I broke away from the mainstream M.A. scene enrolled in ISSA’s SMAC (Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning) and CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer) programs and the rest is history.

I train martial artists, athletes, personal trainers and ordinary out of condition folk who can’t do a single push up.

I try to be as versatile as I possibly can. That way my clients never get bored. Having a wide repertoire of exercises to choose from I am able to better individualize programs for my students. We use yoga, body weight training, static contraction, free weights, martial arts exercises, stretching, kettlebells, clubbells, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, med balls, resistance cords.

I have been greatly influenced by the works of Pavel, Scott Sonnon, Mike Mathler, Steve Cotter, Adam Steer, Charles Staley to name a few.

I have passion for what I do and I never stop learning.  I run a private studio “M.A. Training” in Sydney Australia.

RKC Instructor Dragon Door

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