• Train your entire body
  • Lose fat in no time
  • Develop functional fitness
  • Build explosive strength and power
  • Improve your athletic ability and endurance
  • Strengthen your tendons and ligaments with power to match
  • Increase grip strength
  • Develop core strength and stability like no other system
  • Look younger, leaner and stronger
  • Let your opponents wonder what you are on

Kettlebells deliver extreme all-round fitness

  • You exercise your body completely as a unit and at a variety of angles and planes to build core strength.
  • You will experience several muscle groups, such as your shoulders, hips, midsection and legs strengthened and stretched at once in coordinated movements.
  • The thickness of the kettlebell handle allows for the grip to be worked as well.

With all that calorie burning, your friends will envy your chiseled new body.

With kettlebells, the weight swings from a short, thick handle and the kettlebell’s center of gravity shifts during lifts. This on-going momentum requires continuous tightening of your midsection. The end result is increased stabilization of core and deep muscles, as well as abdominal and lower back strength.

With proper training from a certified KB instructor, anyone who is serious about their training and wants to improve their health and overall strength can train with a kettlebell. I am  training people from all walks of life in the art of kettlebell lifting. Whether you are an out of shape potato or a seasoned athlete there is a kettlebell program for you. Kettlebells are a perfect ‘cross training tool’ no matter what your sport is.

Build Flexible Strength

“The off-set weight and the design of the handle allows for a full range of movement and full body exercises that challenge the muscles, tendons and joints, in a way that other strength training cannot accomplish. Using weight machine in a gym not only isolates the muscle from the rest of the body, but also restricts the range of motion. This results in controlling the extension of the muscles and joints, hence inhibiting flexibility. Kettlebell training effectively increases muscle strength and flexibility simultaneously. It’s the ability to put the body into the most extreme positions, while maintaining a deep contraction of the stabilizing and dominant muscles that builds the flexible strength. You cannot pick up a KB without training your entire body for Flexibility and Strength! No wonder it’s the most efficient Full Body workout around”.

 Andrea Du Cane, Senior RKC

This is what world renowned Strongman, Bud Jeffries says about kettlebells:

“I am sold on kettlebells and think you should be too. Also building into the great conditioning that a kettlebell gives is the fact that most of the exercises are ballistic or explosive in nature. This does two things. First it prepares you more for the real world, because very few real activities take place slow and controlled. Yet, in using the kettlebell you can do these exercises safely with the explosive style. Second because the individual repetitions require and explosive movement. They produce a great conditioning effect even though you may not do quite as many repetitions, because an explosive movement requires intense muscular contraction and forces your heart and lungs to work very hard”.
kettlebell training

Nothing beats Kettlebell Lifting for developing overall functional body!

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