2 Week Rapid Fat Loss Challenge is over – now what ?

Those who accepted the 2 week challenge are already reaping the benefits. But what about when it is all over – what do you do? Put the weight back on? Well, yeah that is one option you have and some, if not most, end up doing so. However, that does not need to be the case if you are prepared to accept another challenge and that is – change the way you eat and exercise for life. Incredibly, when you tell people what is required, lot of them will say ‘I do that pretty much already now’. Say what ? You gotta be kidding me ! If you were doing that already you would not look the way you look and you wouldn’t have all those health issues you are whining about. Truth is we are all in denial when it comes to proper nutrition and are just not prepared to get out of our comfort zone and push ourselves hard when we train.

Anyway, enough of that. What I really wanted to do is give you an update on one of my student’s (let’s call him Nick, ok that is his name …) progress AFTER he completed the 2 week challenge. Nick started the program on the 6th August 2012 and finished on the 19th with a loss of 5.4kg. Since then he lost another 3.2kg so total fat loss over 4 weeks is 8.6kg, 2.8kg away from his target weight. At the start he weighed 86.4kg and now he is 77.8. That is an average of 1.2kg per week (note some weeks you lose more, some you don’t lose much at all). So what did we do to get that additional 3.2kg after such a strict 2 week period? We got onto macro-nutrient cycling combined with strength-HIIT-metcon-aerobic training. This involved exercising 5-6 times a week. 3-4 times with me and the rest done on his own. I should also say that Nick is a really easy student to train. Why ? Because he follows the rules and he logs everything he does when I am not around. I.e. I know exactly what he eats and I know exactly when and how he trains. If he isn’t sure he calls me because he trusts me and he always takes my advice. I may not be always right but that is ok, I am accountable and I learn from my mistakes (unlike the government).

Years ago I had a great martial arts instructor who told me ‘good teacher is the one who gives you what you need and also what you want’. Ok I made that up but the fact is most ‘gurus’ will only give you what they think is what you need and don’t really care about what you really want.

Here is Nick’s formula for success —> Focused effort + consistency = RESULTS. Full stop !

If you are not consistent with your diet and your training you will not get results. Excuses of genetics being against you, not enough time, can only start after cousin’s wedding, too much stress, blah blah blah it’s all a load of BS and we all know it.

High intensity intervals (HIIT), weight lifting and strategically placed cardio training is what is needed to make  nutrition work for you. If you go on a diet (any kind of diet) and don’t exercise (btw we are not talking about rodent type of exercises like the horrid tread mill) don’t expect to look fab. You might simply end up being a fat skinny person who just lost all the precious muscle.

We are talking about full on, max or very close to max all out effort for a very short period of time i.e. 10 to 30 seconds. Some of you may be familiar with  longer intervals of 1 to 2 min which are called ‘threshold intervals’ where the intensity is high but certainly not an all out effort as it simply cannot be sustained for more then 10-30sec. Typically a metcon circuit would be structured in this way or even a bit longer. I also include high intensity bursting within the metcon  to further spike the hormonal response.

To achieve rapid fat loss with no muscle waste we will concentrate on the high intensity metabolic burst intervals and combine these strategically with steady state cardio and strength training to burn off stubborn fat.

You need to get the following through your head – to achieve fat loss quickly you must do it through exercise intensity – not duration! So all you ‘dog on the bone’ people – MORE IS NOT BETTER ! High intensity training is what releases hormones that preserve muscle tissue and help break up and burn off that pesky fat.

More on this later. Feel free to leave a comment/questions. Hai !

PS Well done Nick. It is an awesome result and  as I said earlier we are not done yet.

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  1. by JJF

    On September 9, 2012

    Well done Nick!

  2. by Jocelyn Skuse

    On January 3, 2013

    sounds like great advice, wish you were based in the UK! Just trying to find out more about High Intensity Training as I want to lose fat not muscle and came across your website – I’m hooked!

  3. by matrain_admin

    On January 5, 2013

    Hi Jocelyn, the reason why most people shy away from HIIT is because it is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Most will prefer paddling on a bike for an hour plugged into an iPod (these creatures are also known as cardio-bots). High intensity training is tough but worth it. There is enough evidence proving that HIIT delivers better results then slow endurance type of cardio. In essence it is very simple. Pick an activity you like and can do eg stationary bike, skipping rope, boxing, kettlebells, sprinting etc
    Most recent studies showed that 30/10 split for 2 rounds 3xpw delivers the best result. This is extremely hard so you cannot jump right into it but rather build up the intervals gradually. In the study they used a bike and the subject would paddle like hell for 30seconds, resting for 10s for 2 rounds. So, time under tension is only 1 minute. Total time per week – 3 minutes. The results were the same as cycling for 3 hrs a week at an easy pace. 30s sprint is sustainable but the second one with only 10s rest is not, so you need to start with a longer rest and gradually cut that down till you get to the 10sec.
    Given that you only exercise for 3 min a week it sounds like a good deal to me.

  4. by Clark

    On February 12, 2013

    great help thanks a lot. I wanted an opinion about some thing. there is a innovative exercise program that has been really widely used. I have been doing a lot of reading on this training course to find out if it is decent. several people online as well as some of my friends say it is working for them very well. what do you think of it? there’s more about it here. Here should i stick to this workout as it’s doing seriously well.

  5. by matrain_admin

    On April 7, 2013

    Yes I think that explosive lifting is great even though i do change the tempo as you need to cycle different protocols. Your body will adapt to just about anything.

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