Spiderman – interval training workout

I should have called it the ‘Cardiac Arrest Workout’. This high intensity interval workout will burn plenty of lard.
Suggest you  start with 30/30s split and reduce the rest interval over time. I am using 25/10 split here. Eventually you want to go for 30s on with a 10s rest between exercises and about 90s rest after each round . 4 or 5 rounds will be plenty. Great routine for Martial Artists particularly ground fighters and  Mixed Martial Arts….. where ever explosive power is called for. This will deliver.

Spiderman  180 degrees jump
Shin to squat jumps
Quad press to squat (weight is evenly distributed i.e. 50/50 between arms and legs)
Spiderman crawl (knees do not touch the ground)

Categories Body weight, Fat loss, Interval Training, Martial Arts Conditioning | Tags: , , | Posted on May 22, 2013


  1. by JJF

    On May 22, 2013

    Awesome workout.

    Looks tough!!!!

  2. by matrain_admin

    On May 23, 2013

    Yeah, it is !

  3. by Chris

    On June 1, 2013

    Tried this and liked it. Very hard on the quads though and you have to like jumping (I do).
    Completed 4 rounds of 25 on/ 10 off with 90sec between rounds.
    It took a couple of rounds to get the technique right but over the last 2 rounds I was doing 6 shin to squat jumps and 6 quad press to squat jumps per 25sec.

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