Hellion Challenge – test yourself

Pretty simple. Do two swings, two one arm swings and two thrusters, then each time you repeat the sequence add 2 more reps until you reach 10, then make your way down the ladder back to 2 reps. The goal is to do it as a flow without any breaks. Obviously, if you use a 4kg bell then you are wasting your time. Suggested weight for men 16kg – 20kg and girls 8-12kg. Time yourself each time you do it. When your form deteriorates take a break. Once you are doing it comfortably all the way (comfortably is clearly the wrong word here but you get the point) then up the weight.

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  1. by Ken

    On May 2, 2013

    ‘Enter the Helion’ – my second attempt at this ( 1st one didn’t go to well!) although I used a 16kg bell made better time with form coming off on the 8 & 10, looks easy but quite tough Hai!

  2. by Chris

    On June 1, 2013

    Last week I managed Hellion with a 20kg in 18m39s with only 2 drops one at 10 and disappointingly another at 6 on the way down. Not a bad effort I thought but this week I was really keen to limit it to just one drop and trying to lower my time.

    Finished this week in 15m49s with no drops but plenty of rack time (pausing whilst gasping with the KB in racked position). Really pleased with this now. I’m going to use this workout as my barometer over the coming months to keep tabs on my condition. It’s a great physical and mental session!

  3. by Gaela

    On June 1, 2013

    Hellion the workout I both love and hate! Hate it because even though it seems simple enough it really is extremely challenging and whilst doing it all you want is for it to be over. Love it because it is so challenging and once completed I feel really proud of myself for not letting it beat me. I started out using an 8kg bell but I have managed to work my way up to using 12kg and that has made me realise how much strength I have built up over time.
    Calling all other females out there don’t let this one beat you, you can do it!

  4. by Ken

    On June 17, 2013

    Attempted the Helion again today, as follows:
    2 – 20kg (Boris is a heavy dude);
    4 – 20kg;
    6 – 20kg;
    8 – 16kg – started to lose form do replied the weight – the thrusters git me!
    10 – 16kg (no need for heroics here)
    Same as above working down the ladder –
    Time – 18:10 (good for a Monday!)
    Next time I’ll attempt the whole w/out with Boris

  5. by Jay

    On February 9, 2016

    Love this complex for the sense of a accomplishment felt after completing it but it is brutal as hell! I really have to push myself to complete it and have yet to finish without putting the bell down! You guys from 3 years ago are beasts!!! 16kg 12:40, put bell down for about a minute when decending between 8 and 6. I like the idea of timing it so I can see improvements and eventually be able to actually complete it.

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