Strength matters

The stronger we are the easier everything else becomes, full stop. When you get stronger you will have more power and endurance. Here is why:

Let’s say you can lift 100kg (even if it is only once), this would mean you can lift 80, 90 kg for reps and 50kg for many reps. If, on the other hand you only ever lift 50kg, even for high reps, there is no guarantee you would be able to lift 100kg. In other words strength builds endurance, not the other way around.

As you know from previous emails, some of you have undergone strength training and high intensity (or is that insanity) circuits in the recent months. Just as an illustration what can be achieved in relatively short period of time in regards to strength/endurance, Werner completed a workout this morning that included TGU, snatches, MP, swings and cleans with a 24kg. Total of 24 reps (12 each side) of each exercise in 25 minutes. Average HR 159, maximum 179. Werner has done this circuit only once before with a 20kg bell clocking the same total reps in just under 20min. Frankly, I was impressed to say the least.

All I can say is well done ! Long term Target ? 32 kg of course .

Werner is not the only one who is making great progress. Next blog – will tell you what my ‘remote’ students in NZ have been up to.  Also Nick has made extremely fast progress given he is one of the most recent students and still learning KB basics.

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  1. by matrain_admin

    On May 27, 2013

    Training for strength
    Any exercise you can do for more then 10 reps ain’t gonna do much for your strength. Max strength happens between 1-5 reps.

    EVERY LIFT IS A WHOLE BODY LIFT! There is no way you can do high reps with full tension ! You will simply resort to cheating.

    If you wanna get strong, low reps and full tension is the way to go. Your brain only remembers the good reps, so don’t waste your time doing bad ones! You wanna do 15 reps do 5 sets of 3 with everything switched on in perfect form, you wanna chase numbers and end up with an injury – knock yourself out. Do try to get the ‘numbers do matter’ out of your head ! No one really cares if you pressed 10 times or 11 times especially if the last 5 were crap.

    Strangely, most women do not have this problem. Hmm, it must me the male ego then. What else could it be

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