What do I believe in?

Senior’s bodyAt 62

It is all well and good to keep telling others what to do, how to eat right, how to exercise, how to keep fit and trim. Well, I have been challenged by one of my students to show what I’ve got – so here it is. With some reluctance I took up the challenge and took the shirt off. What are my stats?

Age 65

Weight 73kg

Height 182cm

Body Fat 13-14%

Metabolic age 12

Resting Heart Rate 50


Bottom line is I do what I preach. There is no need for the silly before and after pictures, most of the time they are a fraud anyway. My training and my nutrition is a way of life. I just do it and will keep doing it until I drop. If you can’t look after yourself no one else will. I do take supplements but do not take any medication. Just think about that for a second –  how many seniors you know who are meds free ?

Training protocol

Exercise 5-6 times per week. Weight lifting 3 x pw, HIIT 1xpw, metabolic conditioning circuits 1-2 x pw and aerobic training 1xpw (sometimes none). At times I switch to Scott’s 4×7. Also do lot of stretching, still practice martial arts drills ( just to maintain speed and striking power)  yoga, joint mobility and chi-kung.


If balanced diet worked then we’d all be skinny. What does that mean anyway? Eat everything in moderation? Ha ! Ice creams, pizzas, fatty burgers, processed food, any type of packaged crap etc etc is simply not on my menu. I limit starchy carbs but I do eat them. There is no point getting paranoid. Ok it is true that if you are overweight you may need to go on a program but once you reach your goal you need to maintain yourself and it won’t work if you can only eat rabbit food for the rest of your life. The worst thing is to lose weight and then put it back on. You are better off staying fat.

Do not follow the mainstream thinking

Here is a scenario for you. You feel like crap, you are overweight, unfit, don’t get enough sleep, stressing all the time (mostly over stuff you don’t need to stress over) so you go to see a doctor. The good doctor is also overweight, also unfit, also stressed, also does not sleep properly and most likely is popping all sorts of pharma goodies. Now think about this for a minute – YOU ARE GETTING ADVICE FROM THIS PERSON? Here is another one – you want to learn how to make money. Do you go and listen to a uni professor of economics and high finance who earns less then you or do you seek an advise from a billionaire, i.e.someone who knows how to make money ?

Get my point? Many years ago I had a student who was taking number of prescription drugs. I suggested to him to look at alternatives and even to seek a different doctor to get a second or third opinion. His view was – why on earth should I listen to a Personal Trainer ! A degree does not necessarily mean you will be given advice that is best for you.

Hai !

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  1. by Dana

    On August 28, 2012

    Hai! Point taken.

  2. by Jeanne

    On August 28, 2012

    Cool! I admire you so much and you inspire me, George!

  3. by Ken

    On August 28, 2012

    You ‘walk the talk’, you are inspiring Hai! Looking fantastic!

  4. by JJF

    On August 28, 2012

    Awesome work George. You look fantastic and your approach is just brilliant!

    PS the site is awesome – the workout videos are great to watch!

  5. by DJ

    On August 29, 2012

    Well played and awesome.. we manage our own destiny! Challenge life! Hai.

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