Do you have the right focus?

Anyone who trained in any martial art style will remember what your sensei used to say. It’s the ‘journey’ that matters, not the end result. Think about that for a second. What motivates you, what drives you what keeps you focused? Is it what you see in the mirror, on the scales every morning, tape measure around your waist? Or are you ‘performance focused’? Do you care that you lifted more today, that you shaved off 5 min of your circuit? Did you kick higher, ran faster, hit harder ?

Athletes don’t give a rat’s ass what they look like. They only care about their performance. Consider changing your focus. Dreaming about looking fab may not get you there and it is easy to become discouraged when you do not make changes. Instead focus on improving your performance and make it the only thing that really matters. For example, if you decide that your target is to press the 32kg by year end, 28kg by June for reps – that is a target worth aiming for. For you to be able to do it will require lot of hard training and as Werner correctly observed this morning – you have to be bloody focused when you have a heavy weight overhead ! You may not make it but it does not matter. You tried your best and you keep going until you do.

Imagine the benefits of that – your mind is not allowed to wonder ! You cannot be thinking about tonight’s dinner or even worse – work ! This focus must be obsolute, 100%. If you waiver you risk a cracked CPU. And that, my friends, is how you de-stress. Why does this matter? Well, if you allow your system to be constantly flooded with negative hormones you could be spinning your wheels for a long time.

Stop agonizing about inches and grams. Like in Karate – it’s a journey that never ends. Keep learning, keep improving your technique. Just because you are able to snatch overhead and do TGUs does not mean they are perfect. Even the best of the best keep learning every time they do it which is why they call it ‘practice’ and not working out. Perfect practice makes perfect.

One last thing – if you got an injury – get it fixed (don’t end up like me – I do have an excuse – I am old and stupid). You cannot make good progress when all the bits and pieces are not working as they should.

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