Back to back training

Is it a good idea to train on consecutive days?

Most people believe that you should train on alternate days simply to allow the muscle to recover from weight training. However, there is some benefit in training on two consecutive days, then doing a recover training followed by another two days of resistance training and so on. This has been propagated by a number of trainers but probably the best example would be Scott Sonnon’s 4×7 program. The concept is quite simple, you cycle high intensity, medium, no and low intensity sessions. I.e. there are 4 different training session and you simply repeat them so you do something every day. Medium intensity session primes your muscles for the high intensity the next day. The no intensity and low intensity are designed to recover the body from the high and medium sessions. This method is supposed to increase your athletic life. I have personally used this concept successfully.  If you are stuck with a fixed days training  schedule, for example  Mon, Wed and Fri,  you should still put the ‘no’ and ‘low’ intensity sessions in between.

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  1. by matrain_admin

    On September 15, 2011

    More clarification – the ‘medium intensity’ session (where you focus on muscle building and strength) gets your muscle ready for the next day – ‘high intensity’ session where your focus is on more dynamic movements such as kettlebell swings, snatches, cleans, push presses, etc …. performed as HIIT (this is where you are pushing your limits i.e. HR to go over 85% of your max). Alternatively, you can do sprints or anything that gets the heart rate right up there. Then you have two days of active recovery where your goal is to repair the damage done by the previous two sessions. Not always practical, but you can work around it by doing a ‘medium’ session followed by ‘no intensity’ e.g. joint mobility or Tai Chi type of training then ‘high’ intensity followed by ‘low intensity’ e.g. yoga. This way you are doing something every day and that’s gotta be a good thing.

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